Kitco Gibson Capital and Beneath the Surface Capital

Kitco Gibson Capital Corp. and Beneath The Surface Capital Corp. are private investment firms focused on investing in micro- and small-cap exploration and mine development companies that develop precious metal, base metal, uranium and rare earth metal properties. We study markets, identify companies with strong growth potential and invest in them at strategic junctures with the objective of earning significant returns on investments.

Incorporated under the laws of British Columbia, Kitco Gibson Capital is privately held by SG Capital Corporation, a company founded by Scott Gibson, and Kitco Metals Inc., one of the world’s leading retailers of bullion and a trusted source of metals market information.

Beneath The Surface is solely owned by Scott Gibson and incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.

Top Holdings for Kitco Gibson and Beneath the Surface
(as at October 2016):

  • Adamera Minerals Corp.
  • Anfield Gold Corp.
  • Ashanti Gold Corp.
  • Aston Bay Holdings Ltd.
  • Black Sea Copper & Gold Corp.
  • Eastmain Resources Inc.
  • Ely Gold & Minerals Inc.
  • GMV Minerals Inc.
  • GoldQuest Corporation
  • Lion One Metals Limited
  • Midas Gold Corp.
  • Mirasol Resources Ltd.
  • Northern Shield Resources Inc.
  • Orca Gold Inc.
  • Precipitate Gold Corp.
  • Regulus Resources Inc.
  • Roughrider Exploration Limited
  • West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc.

Recent Press Releases:

Mirasol Resources Successfully Completes a Rights Offering
Oct 4 2016 7:14PM
Lion One Announces Issuance of Stock Options
Oct 4 2016 6:22PM
Work Completed at Jurgen; Notification of Genesis Claim Reduction
Oct 4 2016 4:41PM
West Red Lake Gold Starts Fall Exploration Drill Program
Sep 29 2016 12:30PM
Midas Gold Files Plan of Restoration & Operations Stibnite Gold Project
Sep 29 2016 12:24PM
GoldQuest Announces a Robust Pre-Feasibility Study
Sep 29 2016 12:13PM
Eastmain and Partners Commence Drilling Program at Éléonore South
Sep 29 2016 12:10PM
Yale Simpson Appointed Chairman of Adamera Minerals Corp.
Sep 29 2016 12:05PM
Midas Gold Complements Its Leadership Team With New Appointments
Sep 20 2016 5:21PM
Lion One Announces Completion of $38 Million Private Placement
Sep 20 2016 5:18PM
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