About us

The primary focus of Kitco Gibson Capital Corp. (KGC) and Beneath The Surface Capital Corp. (BTSC) is on investing in micro- and small-cap exploration and mine development companies. KGC and BTSC are characterized by strategic experience and youthful energy, the twin hallmarks of Kitco Metals Inc. and SG Capital Corp.

Kitco Metals Inc., founded in 1977, is a premier provider of bullion, refining services and precision-engineered materials. A mainstay of Kitco’s business is the award-winning website www.kitco.com. With its compelling combination of spot prices, market commentary, news and information, Kitco.com attracts over a million visits daily. From its offices in Montreal, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Kitco delivers top-quality products and services to customers around the world.

Scott Gibson, a resources industry financial entrepreneur established SG Capital Corp. to focus on micro- and small-cap companies. Gibson’s industry involvement dates back to 1999, a year in which low gold prices and strong demand created unique opportunities. With the experience gained from working for two years at a leading finance house, Gibson founded his first company in 2001. Since then, Gibson’s companies have helped scores of mine development and exploration players attract capital and achieve viability.

SG Capital Corp. and Kitco Metals Inc. together own KGC, a private investment company incorporated under the laws of the Province of British Columbia.

Scott Gibson solely owns BTSC, a private investment company incorporated under the laws of the Province of British Columbia.

Kitco’s industry standing and Scott Gibson’s extensive networks help KGC and BTSC identify and invest in promising young mine development and exploration companies.

Our approach — small companies, big potential

In today’s marketplace, change is unrelenting. Rapid economic shifts, abrupt demand fluctuations, emerging technologies and changing legislation, all make markets dramatically turbulent. This is why we focus on micro- and small-cap companies. Fledgling exploration and mine development companies are, by their very nature and stage of development, agile enough to meet the challenges of change. Being poised for growth, they also represent greater potential returns on relatively small investments.

Extensive experience, solid reputations and vast networks underpin the investment approach of KGC and BTSC, at the heart of which lies the knack of picking and backing the right companies at the right time.

KGC and BTSC invest primarily in private placements of publicly-traded metals companies with a market capitalization of CAN$10 to 150 million. Depending on market activity, volatility and opportunities, investment holdings could also be in physical metals.

Our strategy — quality and opportunity

The primary strategy of KGC and BTSC is to invest in carefully selected early-stage public companies. Led by able management teams, these companies demonstrate significant growth potential. KGC and BTSC have access to rich opportunities for investing in quality gold and other metal stocks at discounted levels.

Our specific investment strategies include:

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